Gier Studios is a pseudonym  for Kelly de Gier who is a Denmark based graphic designer with a minimal and holistic approach to design. I feel honored to have worked with various design and lifestyle brands over the past year. But what can I do? Quite a lot, from developing a complete brand identity to packaging design, to content creation, photography and catalog design I have quite a few projects to my name. Helping brands with an innovative approach to take  ideas to a higher creative level is what makes my heart beats faster. 

 01 — Graphic Design

Gier Studios specialises in visual communication with a marketing perspective. My work includes: branding, logo design, packaging and photo editing. DPT related work included.

 02 — Art Direction

Translating rough ideas into visual content that fits with the brand's identity in the fields such as fashion, lifestyle and interior. I take care of planning, direction, scouting models and locations.

 03 — Photography

From small behind the scenes snaps to complete, planned campaign shoots outside of the country and everything in between, Gier Studios exceeds in all. The importance for me is, a relevant visual presence that fits with the brands current position and identity in the market.

04 — Content Creation

From styling and photography to creation of templates, I understand the importance of a coherent visual presence of a brand on a variety of SoMe  channels.

05 — Fashion Design

With a MA in fashion design, Kelly is originally educated as a fashion designer. Therefore Gier Studios has an extensive portfolio within this sector. From idea generation to production and from sketching to tech sheets.

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